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FreePOS In A Nutshell 

 When a restaurant computerizes operations, it stands to gain some very important benefits. Orders are tracked, check totals are always correct, people work together better than before and waste is eliminated or reduced. Unfortunately, most of the POS systems on the market cost between $15,000 and $40,000 depending on the number of terminals. At that price, computerization may not seem like a good use of working capital.

FreePOS is a software package designed for Microsoft Windows XP, Windows-7 & Windows 10. It runs on almost any modern computer and it is downloadable from this website at NO COST. It has a huge feature set that rivals packages like Micros, Digital Dining, Positouch, Silverware, Aloha, Restaurant Manager and other market leaders. FreePOS does the same thing... and it doesn't cost a dime until your business is ready to grow beyond two terminals and a back office machine. When you register as a FreePOS end user, you'll get over 50 extra features and only pay a one time fee of $99.95 per terminal.

Thousands of servers who work in restaurants  use FreePOS every day!  

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The Economy & FreePOS

Read about our customer statistics before opening your restaurant.  The economy isn't what it used to be.   More.

FreePOS And Windows 8 & 8.1

Registered users of FreePOS may contact us for updated files which support Windows 8.x   The updates also feature 32 bit and 64 bit compatibility and support for up to ten times as much RAM as in previous editions.   Ask for the update via email M-F during normal business hours:

FreePOS Online Ordering

FreePOS now has an API that allows orders to be processed over the internet from select online ordering services.  By simply creating an ASCII text file, orders can be automatically imported and printed by the FreePOS system.   Please call or email for more information.

How To Get A 3 Station POS For Under $2,000 And Never Pay A Monthly Fee!?!?!

Believe it or not, it is possible - but you have to do some work to save this kind of money.   Click here to see how.

FreePOS School - Distance Learning Is Coming To A Computer Near You!

Plan a fun filled visit to our next FreePOS Training Class.   Learn more by clicking here.

2017 - The Year Of The Menu Board

Digital menu boards are likely to be added to the FreePOS arsenal of features when version 7.20 is released.  Use one or more TVs to make your restaurant the best!


FreePOS Version 7.20 is now ready and available for download free of charge to registered users.   Click here to request.

PCI Compliance Is Easiest When You Use FreePOS's Standalone CC Mode.

FreePOS has a mode that allows you to use one or more standalone card processing machines so that you are not forced to use a particular processor.  This feature can save you thousands of dollars each year by letting you shop for a processor that you trust.  

FreePOS V7.00 - Update Ready

Version 7 is now available to registered users at no cost.   Simply email us at:

and request the download link (M-F 9a-5p EST).   Neat features are (1) improved speed, (2) Windows 10 compatibility, (3) the ability to rebrand the software and (4) a monster 600+ page manual that explains a ton of stuff that resides under the hood of FreePOS.

What Is The Future Of Payment Processing?

Right now, there is a technology war going on between payment technologies. At play are traditional magnetic credit cards, smart cards, PIN pad scanners, encryption methods as well as smart phone payment solutions.  Who will win the war?   That's hard to say, but interchange rates (the cost structures that determine a merchant's discount rate) are likely to be expanded to include emerging payment methods as early as late this year.  You can bet that the new methods are going to be a large revenue center for bank card issuers and processors if history has taught us anything.

When Should You Commit Your Technology Dollars?

Spending lots of money on new hardware that may or may not be obsolete in a year is probably a bad idea.  Instead, we recommend waiting for a clear winner in the payment technology war.

In the meantime, we strongly recommend merchants use one or more standalone credit card machines to avoid potential PCI fines & liability.  In 2014, PCI Compliancy rules began mandating minimum hardware and operating system levels (i.e. XP is no longer PCI compliant). Many POS companies have used these mandates as a sales tool to force their user bases to repurchase large portions of their POS computers. Many POS companies do not support card processing as an ala carte offering.  In contrast, FreePOS has a "standalone" mode that allows you to offload card processing with just a couple clicks.   This allows you to keep legacy operating systems & hardware until YOU (not your bank) decide the time is right for an upgrade.   e-Mail us for details and the new V7 update to FreePOS (it's free to registered end users).

Integrated Inventory Control With I-Pro

FreePOS V6.55 and above have a built in module that links sales to I-Pro.   Click the image below to visit our friends at

FreePOS Integrates With Whozz Calling?

If you ever wished your computer could answer the phone and tell you who is calling before you even spoke a word, you'll love Whozz Calling... now compatible with FreePOS!


FreePOS Is FREE For Many Places... Bet You Didn't Know!?!?

FreePOS is called FreePOS because it is 100% free for school system computer labs, church cafeterias, most non-profit organizations and any health care organization that is classified as a non-profit.   If you wish to use FreePOS in a commercial environment, it's still pretty close to free at just $99.95/station to register as an end user.   If you are a real life "do gooder" we want to help you and say thank you!

Business Hours & Telephone Support Options

Our regular business hours are Monday through Friday 9AM - 5PM EST and by appointment.   Our extended business hours are 9AM - 9PM EST 7 days per week for those clients who have monthly telephone support contracts.  

Positive Feedback Software's Digital Menu Board System

Positive Feedback Software, a leading developer of software for the hospitality industry, is proud to release their new MenuBOARD/V software which allows any restaurant to convert to digital menu boards at a fraction of what the competition charges!    Learn more by clicking here.

Self Service Kiosk

Our new kiosk product allows customers to place their own orders using touch screen technology.   After ordering, the customer swipes their credit card and upon card approval the order is fired to the kitchen.   Optionally, kiosk screens can be placed at each table or just in central areas of a restaurant to reduce lines.   Call for pricing, licensing & installation details.

Rebranded & Open Source FreePOS Solutions

FreePOS is available as a source code product (starting at $25,000) for developers and chain stores  who wish to market FreePOS under their own brand name or who wish to integrate the FreePOS engine with another product. Please call for details.

FreePOS is available in a re-branded form (starting at $5,000) as well... enabling a multiple location restaurant chain to "buy once" and "use forever" without paying additional licensing fees. Positive Feedback Software can change the name from "FreePOS" to anything desired. We can even customize features to your specification (colors, button names, prompts, modes, report formats... etc).  Learn more.

Financial Services - We've Got Money To Lend! 

Getting a restaurant approved for credit used to be lots of red tape.   But because Positive Feedback Software LLC is the lender, we can do things that other POS companies can't even dream of !   

  • No credit checks.

  • No hassles.

  • Minimal down payments.

Just tell us what you want and fax us a copy of your lease and your latest utility bills. Then let us put together a payment plan that works for you!

  • Bankruptcy? OK. 

  • Charge Offs? OK. 

  • Slow Credit?  OK. 

  • No Credit?  OK.



We've Gone Green!

 Positive Feedback Software is trying to produce cleaner computer products.    Here are just some of the things we do:

  • When you order computer equipment from us, we ship it using recycled packing materials.

  • Our web servers draw power which has been paid for with Renewable Energy Certificates (RECs).  

  • Our computers are each outfitted with the most energy efficient power supplies available.   Most models now run on less power than a standard light bulb.

  • Our offices recycle and are over 90% paperless.

Every community across the country wants to be more beautiful.  Learn more about Green Computing today.